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AudioControl AC-LGD

AudioControl AC-LGD
AudioControl AC-LGD
Märke: AudioControl
Artikelnummer: AudioControl AC-LGD
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Tillgänglighet: Förhandsbokning
Pris: 325kr
Exkl moms: 260kr


load generating device & signal stabilizer

Today’s factory systems include more Class D amplifier technology which can mute, distort or emit damaging frequencies to your new aftermarket audio equipment when the factory speakers are removed. Using carefully selected resistors and a Zobel Network, the AC-LGD has been designed to generate load and stabilize signal from the factory system to ensure the best possible audio.

The LGDs come in pairs and can be easily connected to your AudioControl Factory System Upgrade product with the pre-wired connectors. The LGD is installed between the factory speaker outputs and your line output converter or speaker level inputs on your amp or processor. Each LGD pair comes with standard wire colors for front and rear connections.

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